A small holiday bothy/annexe on the isle of Tiree with an oak frame primary structure and closed panel system for walls, roof etc. With a floor area of 6m x 4m it comprises a full height living area, a shower room, a small bedroom with 2 bunks and a mezzanine above that sleeps two more.

A high level of airtightness and insulation, small pad foundations, and low embodied energy/natural building materials resulted in a very ecologically sound building.  We used Pavatex wood fibre insulations, fermacell internal linings, oak, european larch and untreated whitewood. No OSB in the panels as fermacell and the frame gave racking resistance. More than 50% of timber used was homegrown.

The site programme was quick. From foundation pads to (fully insulated) wind and watertight took 2 weeks (in extremely difficult conditions) as most of the  work, including fitting the windows and doors, was done in the workshop.

Architectural advice from Pete Cummins.  Insulations, tapes etc. and also advice from NBT (Natural Building Technologies). Timber from Somerscales, Russwood, Scottish wood, Rembrand.