Naemoor Gardens Staircase: This handsome (and from a carpentry point of view challenging) staircase, designed by Matthew Pease, echoes the geometries of ancient dockyard gantries and gaff rigged sailing boats.
There is a recurring theme of 15 degrees in the design of the structure and in many other features, such as the tread nosing chamfers and the facets of some of the beams, which gives a distinctive character to the whole staircase at all levels of focus.
The main structural elements of the staircase help support the upstairs floor through the quadrupled 'kerto' beam spanning to the end gable of the house, which also forms tread no.13.
The sculptural qualities of the structure, married with the tactile and visual qualities of the oak make for something quite special which it is unfortunately difficult to do justice to in photographs. The gallery below will however give some idea of the complex nature and the powerful presence of the thing. 
Note that the photo's show the staircase unfinished, there are still glass panels to be added in a couple of the openings and the landing before it is complete.

The architect was Matthew Pease and the timber supplied by Scottish Wood.