NEW ARCHED BRIDGE AT COWDEN JAPANESE GARDEN:  A replacement for our previous arched bridge at the Japanese garden at Cowden Castle near Dollar. 

Following a review by the design team and Historic Scotland it was decided to change the shape of the arched bridge that we built in 2018 to more closely recreate the look of the original bridge as seen in the old photographs. The structural design remained fairly similar, Japanese in style, but with a mixture of traditional Japanese and British/European carpentry elements.

It was decided not to cover the bridge with earth and gravel like the original, but to use the larch deck as the final top surface. In order to echo the look of the old earth bridge with it's raised grassy strips to either side of the path we made half-round kerbs which we fitted in the same location.

As with all the timber structures at Cowden we have updated and upgraded the quality of the work to reflect more closely the ethos of a Japanese garden.

Some of the original wood sourced from Scottish Wood (oak and larch), and Gilmour and Aitken (greenheart), was re-used, and the new stuff was from Scottish Wood and Somerscales.