JAPANESE YATSUHASHI BRIDGE:  A reconstruction of a bridge at the Japanese garden at Cowden Castle near Dollar.  This yatsuhashi (a zig-zag bridge constructed of simple planks) has been designed following the layout shown in an old drawing supplied to Ella Christie (who originally commissioned the garden) by Professor Suzuki who oversaw the second phase in the design of this garden. The "undercarriage" of the bridge, which was not shown on Suzukis drawing, was designed by Matthew Pease to be as minimal as possible, which creates an exceptionally strong interplay of the boards and their reflections in the water just below. 

The timber was from the Cowden estates own trees (larch boards and transoms) which we felled and milled ourselves, and Gilmour & Aitken (Madeira Greenheart for the posts because of its exceptional durability in water).