JAPANESE ARCHED BRIDGE:  A reconstruction of an arched bridge at the Japanese garden at Cowden Castle near Dollar.  This bridge is constructed in a Japanese style, but with a mixture of traditional Japanese and British/European carpentry elements.

The design decisions were informed by  historical precedent (photographs), traditional Japanese practice,  materials durability issues and the requirements of the present day garden.   We raised the bridge  by hand.  All the european larch used in the decking was sourced from within the Cowden estate, not  a quarter of a mile away in fact, and milled on site by Keith Threadgall.

The architect was Matthew Pease with additional input from Professor Masao Fukuhara the garden designer for the Cowden project.

The timber was from Scottish Wood (oak), Cowden estate (larch) and Gilmour and Aitken (greenheart).